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Software for family resident services

Powering case management, outcomes tracking, and performance reporting for family resident services

Over 150 standard reports

Ad hoc reporting flexibility

HUD reporting integration

Take control of your resident services data

You rummage through data. You compile. You finagle. You spend days creating reports. You adjust. You sweat. You shiver. You scream! Of course we noticed. We like to think we notice the things that matter. And if you’re slogging through data, manipulating spreadsheets, and wasting time tweaking reports, you aren’t doing what you love to do most—helping people. That’s a problem. And that’s why there's FamilyMetrics.

Who We Serve

Why do service-minded housing providers love FamilyMetrics?

It's dialed in. With an easy-to-navigate design and a robust suite of seamlessly integrated features, FamilyMetrics makes case management, outcomes tracking, and compliance reporting refreshingly simple—whether you're reporting data for the LIHTC program, FSS, MFSC, ROSS, or JPI. Tap into over 150 standard reports and ad-hoc reporting flexibility to show your results—instead of just tell. 

FSS Program

Family Self-Sufficiency service coordinators rely on our robust FSS module and Escrow Manager suite to empower residents to reach their tailored goals by linking them with resources to overcome employment barriers, increase earnings, build savings, reduce dependence on public assistance programs, and become economically independent.

MFSC Program

Service-minded housing providers and service coordinators working in the Multifamily Service Coordinator program trust the seamlessly integrated case management and reporting features in FamilyMetrics, not only to facilitate service delivery for residents living in HUD-assisted multifamily housing, but also to automate HUD Standards for Success reporting.

ROSS Program

Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency service coordinators look to FamilyMetrics to link residents of public housing and Indian housing with services and activities that facilitate progress towards economic independence and housing self-sufficiency while also simplifying compliance via the integrated HUD Standards for Success reporting functionality.

JPI Program

Jobs Plus Initiative case managers and coaches working with residents of public housing use FamilyMetrics to track employment goals, while creating plans to increase earnings and advance employment outcomes through work readiness, employer linkages, job placement, educational and technology skills advancement, and financial literacy. Contact us to learn more.

All you need to get in the zone, and do your thing

Since 2006, FamilyMetrics has helped thousands of resident services programs lead and innovate. How? With a robust suite of seamlessly integrated features to improve resident service delivery.  We got all geeky so you wouldn’t have to, so no matter how technology advances, we'll have you ready for what’s next.

Hosted in tier 4 US data centers

Enterprise-class security

HIPAA-compliant platform


Pricing that's simple and straightforward

We know, you have no technology budget, you’re not exactly a techie, and documenting services with spreadsheets is a pain. FamilyMetrics solves all that. It was created with you in mind. We made it powerful, easy-to-use, and yes, you can afford it.

Standard Case Management


$468 per service coordinator per year, billed annually

  • HIPAA-compliant case management platform

  • Customer support by real humans, never bots

  • Unlimited access to online training library

  • Free Supervisor and QA accounts

See all you can accomplish with FamilyMetrics

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