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As the leader in Nonprofit Visual Intelligence®, Pangea Foundation is transforming the way nonprofits engage their communities. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a trusted partner to nonprofits since 1996, Pangea Foundation brings the scalable, enterprise-class software driving the innovation of the world's mega-corporations to over 2,000 nonprofit organizations of all sizes. By fusing advanced analytics with the most powerful features of enterprise software, collaboration software, and community software, we create custom-fit online workspaces—seamlessly unified communications platforms that empower 360-degree program visibility, real-time collaboration, and Impact Visualization On Demand®. The world’s leading nonprofits harness our tailored solutions to tell their stories through the eyes of the people they serve. The result? Programs that are as vibrant, engaging, and impactful as the people delivering them. Stakeholders who value better results. Funders who are eager to invest. And people who thrive on making a better world.

FamilyMetrics | Social Services Software

All you need to get in the zone. And do your thing.

Packed with powerful and easy-to-use features, FamilyMetrics facilitates documentation, outcomes tracking, and performance reporting for social services coordinators. The FamilyMetrics platform is built upon an extensible web-based architecture, so it can also be customized around your unique needs. To view a list of features, simply select the link at the bottom of this page and navigate through the list. You may also download this pdf to view the list of features in one place. To see FamilyMetrics in action, sign up for a free test drive.



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