Document, measure and report with ease!

You rummage through data. You compile. You finagle. You spend hours creating reports. You adjust. You tweak. You sweat. You shiver. You scream! And here, at Pangea Foundation™, we noticed. We are, after all, the technology nonprofit that introduced Impact Visualization On Demand® to the social services industry. We like to think we notice things that matter. And if you’re rummaging through clunky file cabinets, compiling data from disparate sources, manipulating rogue spreadsheets, and wasting precious time tweaking reports, you aren’t doing what you love to do most—helping people. That’s a problem. And that’s where FamilyMetrics comes in.


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FamilyMetrics | Social Services Software

All you need to get in the zone. And do your thing.

Packed with powerful and easy-to-use features, FamilyMetrics facilitates documentation, outcomes tracking, and performance reporting for social services coordinators. The FamilyMetrics platform is built upon an extensible web-based architecture, so it can also be customized around your unique needs. To view a list of features, simply select the link at the bottom of this page and navigate through the list. You may also download this pdf to view the list of features in one place. To see FamilyMetrics in action, sign up for a free test drive.



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