10 reasons you will love FamilyMetrics.

  1. FamilyMetrics is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use—even for non-technical people
  2. Document services and measure outcomes with ease
  3. Reduce meetings and improve information flow with speed-of-light collaboration
  4. Build credibility, deepen stakeholder engagement, and turn funders into investors
  5. Complete your performance reports with one click
  6. Password protected user levels allow you to collaborate securely with others
  7. No confusing software or hardware to install, maintain, or upgrade
  8. Automatic nightly data backups give you peace of mind
  9. Simple straightforward subscription pricing thatís affordable
  10. Technical support backed by award-winning customer service
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FamilyMetrics | Social Services Software


Bring your organization into a whole new world!

FamilyMetrics was built for you, the professional social service coordinator, offering a delicate balance between powerful functionality and refreshing ease-of-use. In fact, the software is so cool that it attracts as many service coordinator wannabes as it does actual service coordinators. With FamilyMetrics, service coordinators start connecting. And collaborating. And delivering. Funders start noticing. And investing. And rejoicing. The world becomes a better place. And everyone loves FamilyMetrics a little more. Looking for a smarter approach to social services? Need a better way to build credibility and tell your story? We’ve got what you need right here. To learn about the benefits you’ll get by using FamilyMetrics, simply select the link at the bottom of this page and navigate through the list.


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