Document, measure and report with ease!

You rummage through data. You compile. You finagle. You spend hours creating reports. You adjust. You tweak. You sweat. You shiver. You scream! And here, at Pangea Foundation™, we noticed. We are, after all, the technology nonprofit that introduced Impact Visualization On Demand® to the social services industry. We like to think we notice things that matter. And if you’re rummaging through clunky file cabinets, compiling data from disparate sources, manipulating rogue spreadsheets, and wasting precious time tweaking reports, you aren’t doing what you love to do most—helping people. That’s a problem. And that’s where FamilyMetrics comes in.


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FamilyMetrics | Social Services Software


Get smart.

Broken pencils. Coffee stained records. Renegade spreadsheets. Frustrated social service coordinators. Wasted energy. There just had to be a smarter way to collect data, track outcomes and report the impact of family social services. And there was. FamilyMetrics provides innovative solutions to problems ranging from tracking service referrals to automating performance reports. And that’s just the beginning. Think of any daily annoyance you have at work. Imagine the power of enterprise-class software brought to bear in eliminating it. That’s what we’re talking about.

Get understood.

You’re under a lot of pressure. Time constraints. Budget constraints. (We’ve been there.) We know documentation and outcomes tracking can be a pain in the neck. You’ve probably already tried paper-based processes, and tools like Excel and Word to track outcomes. Everyone knows how cumbersome it can be to find and manipulate disjointed data, right? That’s why we developed FamilyMetrics. FamilyMetrics is about you. Because you wanted something that works the way you think. So we listened to your ideas… and built it. Our strength is being part of your team.

Get speed-of-light collaboration.

FamilyMetrics provides a single platform for data collection, outcome measurement, quality assurance, performance reporting, and strategic collaboration. And because there are no geographical boundaries with FamilyMetrics, the ability to partner and share information, review reports, or plan for the future can easily be done by authorized users within your own organization, and with others you choose—24x7x365. You simply define the authorization rights, and FamilyMetrics takes care of the rest. With FamilyMetrics, you’ll have the tools you need to connect people with important information. You’ll also have a team that’s more efficient, more agile, and more productive.

Get ‘em believing.

Unless you manufacture alarm clocks, your funders didn’t wake up this morning thinking about you. Most likely, funding your program wasn’t the top thing on their mind when they were driving to work either. Evidence-based funders care deeply, however, about their values and objectives. They want their investments to make an impact in people’s lives. (It’s our job to bring you wacky kids together!) FamilyMetrics helps you form a deeper connection with your funders. And when we’re finished, your funders won’t just believe in those you serve, they’ll believe in you! FamilyMetrics gives you and your funders a clear picture of where your program is, where it could be, and how you’ll get it where you need to go—together.

Get the facts.

We believe facts trump guesswork. And that’s exactly what FamilyMetrics gives you with sophisticated visual analytics that enable you to quickly interpret myriad sets of data. When you can visualize ongoing performance metrics clearly, you take the guesswork and risk out of important decisions. And by removing complexity and illuminating understanding, you engage your stakeholders and build funder confidence through better communication and transparency. So say goodbye to chaos, ambiguity… headaches. Identify opportunities faster. Stay up-to-speed on the latest trends. Anticipate problems—before it’s too late. Get the facts with FamilyMetrics!

Get real-time intelligence.

FamilyMetrics is your social services intelligence center. Call it your command center if you want. You’ll be able to monitor real-time performance metrics right on your computer screen. FamilyMetrics has the features you need to stay connected to the information that matters most. Get the same big ups you’d get if your command center was the cockpit of a supersonic jet—without all the G’s. Your FamilyMetrics command center won’t break the sound barrier, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. Don’ t be judgin’!

Get organized (if you want to).

We’re not anti-slob, per se. It’s just that we find social service coordinators are happier when they know where to find their data. FamilyMetrics has the features you need to keep everything up-to-date, organized and ready for service, anytime, anywhere. FamilyMetrics will also help to clear up all that mumbo-jumbo that’s been collecting on your desk. Sometimes the best way to get on top of things is not to stack stuff on top of things. The satisfaction you feel after clicking a button and instantly seeing a professional report, simply cannot be explained. Try it. You’ll see what we mean.

Get insight.

Even though work can be a lot of work, at least now you can visualize and communicate the impact of what you’re doing. So get fresh insight with real-time intelligence. See how what you do makes a meaningful difference in your community and for the people you serve. And get inspired by seeing how what you do fits into the bigger picture.

Get more funding.

To get noticed and compete for scarce funding dollars in an increasingly competitive philanthropic marketplace, you need to adopt a strategic approach. It’s not enough just to tell your success stories. You need to build an airtight case for your social services program—a case built on performance results that are engaging, compelling, inspiring. Together, we’ll give social services greater visibility both inside and outside your organization, better help your audience understand your mission, and help get everyone in alignment on a unified strategy. This might sound lofty, but we promise you it’s not. This is what we do… every single day.

Get perspective.

Making your social services program more effective depends on where you begin. Too often program decisions are based on deeply flawed or wildly outdated perceptions of people and their needs. As unlikely as it sounds, social services professionals sometimes forget what business they’re actually in. The goal of FamilyMetrics is to give you back a little perspective, letting you visualize how the work you do impacts the lives of those you serve. So you can reinforce what works, and alter what doesn’t. There. Don’t you feel more effective already?

Get strategic.

It never fails to amaze us how many organizations still implement programs without a well thought out strategy. Without success indicators to tell them if they’re still on the right path. Without truly understanding who they’re talking to. It’s like getting into a cab, saying “Drive aimlessly until this wad of cash runs out” and hoping to end up at Disneyworld. What we’re really saying is we are big believers in following a well thought out plan, monitoring performance indicators to stay on track, and understanding your audience, and what they want. FamilyMetrics helps you keep your daily activities in alignment with program strategies. With a real-time snapshot of your performance indicators in one convenient place, you can invest what works, and make changes as needed.

Get valued.

Here’s the reality: a lot of nonprofits don’t trust funders to grasp the “ask”. To us, that’s the whole problem. Funders don’t want to be treated like they’re part of some fundraising pipeline. They want to be engaged. To invest in solutions to complex problems. To realize a smart Social Return on Investment (SROI). And get this—they want to make an impact. Repeat: They. Want. To. Make. An. Impact. Think about it this way: once funders see the quantitative value of what you do, investing in your social services program becomes an act of self-expression. FamilyMetrics helps you demonstrate the value of what you do. It’s no more complicated than that.

Get results.

Compelling results lead to increased confidence. Sounds obvious, right? But compelling results alone are not enough if you’re not communicating them in a way that’s meaningful and understandable. To us, the sweet spot is that magical place where your performance results and funder values meet head-on. That’s where the real results begin. And that’s where FamilyMetrics comes in. FamilyMetrics fuses Software-as-a-Service with Advanced Data Visualization to generate persuasive Impact Reports that help you demonstrate your impact—loud and clear—for your audience. FamilyMetrics transforms funders into investors.

Get rid of your No. 2 pencils.

Create a sculpture out of your No. 2 pencils… they're no longer needed. Let FamilyMetrics introduce you to a whole new world? Don’t be afraid. Step into the light. Step into the liiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Get paperless.

Okay… we’re in the new millennium people. 1 Terabyte = 50,000 trees. Isn’t it time you migrate from dinosaur paper technology to FamilyMetrics? It’s easier than you think, and the payoff? social service coordinators are more efficient by going paperless! Better outcomes are achieved! More people are served! Funders rejoice! The world becomes a better place! Even the trees dig FamilyMetrics!

Get persnickety.

FamilyMetrics puts you in complete control of your data—24x7x365. You’ll be in charge of the precise details that matter most—without all the stress, hassles, and headaches caused by stacks of paper and cumbersome spreadsheets. With FamilyMetrics, precision is just a “click” away. Being a control freak has never been so easy.

Get computer savvy (or at least look like you are).

One of the best ways to get computer savvy is to use computers. And one of the best ways to look like you’re computer savvy is to use FamilyMetrics. FamilyMetrics not only makes your reports look professional, it makes you look professional. Be ready, though. Everybody will be coming to you for the answers.

Get professional performance reports.

Whether it’s a request from your Supervisor, Director, CEO, board, or funder, you need to be at the ready. And when one of them asks you for a professional looking performance report “yesterday!”—you’ll be glad it’s just a couple of clicks away.

Get answers.

The answers are out there if you want them. And FamilyMetrics puts the answers front and center on your computer screen via a live connection to the database. Rooted firmly in answers from the beginning, FamilyMetrics is a symbol of empowerment for social service coordinators today, democratizing the access social service coordinators have to enterprise-class software. How do we do it? It begins with the Software-as-a-Service delivery model, award-winning service, and lots of authentic smiles. Contact us to find out why social service coordinators trust FamilyMetrics to get fast answers to serious questions.

Get ROI.

FamilyMetrics was designed for anyone who controls a social services budget. Or anyone who has ever loved someone who controls a social services budget. One of the key benefits of FamilyMetrics is how simple and economical it is for you to get started. Because FamilyMetrics is delivered on an annual subscription basis, you are protected from erratic expenditures. And this simplifies your financial forecasting and budgeting. Compared to traditional desktop outcomes software, FamilyMetrics gives you a significantly lower total cost of ownership. FamilyMetrics is the key to Return on Investment (ROI).

Get authentication.

Password protected privileges let you authorize who gets to see what’s behind the curtain… or in this case, behind the computer screen. Users may only access FamilyMetrics with a username and password that meets Pangea Foundation’s defined security standards. FamilyMetrics is encrypted through a 256-bit certificate while in transmission. An encrypted session ID is used to uniquely identify each user and this session ID is automatically scrambled at periodic intervals. FamilyMetrics allows you to be the master of your own domain.

Get peace of mind.

With FamilyMetrics, you’ll sleep better knowing your sensitive data is protected, even if disaster strikes. Every Service Coordinator should have the peace of mind knowing that their data will be available to them, both before and after a natural disaster. Pangea Foundation safeguards your data and helps you pick up where you left off following a disaster.